Alex Fradkin


S E E M E - New York City’s Homeless Youth Transforming from Within
Published by The Reciprocity Foundation


In fall 2014, the Reciprocity Foundation ( and photographer, Alex Fradkin (, launched a photo project entitled, “SEE ME: New York City's Homeless Youth Transforming from Within”. This project was a unique collaboration with a photographer who, over the course of two years, spent a great deal of time with each youth. Alex taught them photography, mentored them and created images of their daily lives, their deepest fears, greatest hopes and the photographed the few objects they treasure and the transitional places they call “home”. The youth participating in the project are in different stages of homelessness—some living in Crisis shelters, others in longer-term Transitional shelters and a fortunate few have now secured long-term subsidized housing. Most are now taking college courses taking substantial steps towards transforming their lives.

The photographs will premiere in a large-scale exhibition alongside the publication of a full-color book in celebration of the Reciprocity Foundation’s 10th Anniversary in April 2016.